5 th Brazilian Congress on Tunnels and Underground Structures


Geological geotechnical investigations for tunnel design (for hard rock and soft ground tunnels, new mapping and testing techniques)

Tunnels in urban environments (design and construction practices, interference with infrastructure networks, with existing underground structures and with buildings)

Underground works for mining, oil & gas and other energies (design and work practices, case studies)

Conventional and mechanized tunneling (in soft ground and hard rock, productivity and optimization, historical cases)

Hard rock tunneling and galleries for complex situations (design and work cases, technologies)

Ground treatment and conditioning (new conditioning techniques, historical cases)

Archeology and architecture in underground structures (domestic and international experiences, case studies)

Renovation and expansion of underground structures (structural recovery, retrofitting, expansions, new uses)

Safety and operation of underground spaces (systems, technologies, regulations, risk analysis and maintenance)

Unconventional construction (stations by secant pile wall shafts, inverted tunnel, large sections without drift)

New design approaches (use of BIM, probabilistic calculation, seismic design, current practices and necessary developments)

Risk management (systemic approach, contracting, insurance, probabilistic risk)