5 th Brazilian Congress on Tunnels and Underground Structures


CATEGORY 15/2/2021
to 23/5/2021
to 30/9/2021
to 4/12/2021
Undergraduate and postgraduate
student with exclusive dedication
R$ 380,00
R$ 430,00
R$ 550,00
Associate Professional
R$ 950,00
R$ 1.100,00
R$ 1.350,00
Non-associate Professional
R$ 1.150,00
R$ 1.300,00
R$ 1.600,00

Obs.: The registrations can be made to participate IN PERSON OR ONLINE, when accessing the registration link, just choose one of them.

Registration rules

– Undergraduate and postgraduate student with exclusive dedication must attach the proof of category. The following are accepted as proof of category: declaration of registration with the higher institution, photo of the institution´s student card containing the student´s full name, institution’s name and current validity date, payment slip of the monthly fee with proof of settlement or another document containing the student`s information, name of the institution and current validity date. The following will not be accepted as proof of category: photos, documents without the institution’s name, monthly payment slip without proof of payment.

– Associate professionals of ABMS, CBT, and IBRACON must prove registration attaching the proof of payment of the 2020/2021 annuity. Failure to send proof
of category at registration will not allow its conclusion.

Important observations

– Payment of registration by payment slip will only be allowed until 22 November 2021.

– Register now. The places for the event are limited to the venue’s capacity.

– Participant’s registration fees include: participant’s kit and certificate (digital).

– The certificate will be made available in the event’s official website, through the participant’s page, after the end of the event, and must be withdrawn in up to six months after the event. Pay attention to correct input of your data, thus avoiding your certificate to be issued incorrectly.

Cancellation policy

If registration is cancelled within 7 calendar days after payment, the participant may request full refunding of the amount according to Art. 49 of the Consumer Protection Code. Refund will be made within 7 working days. The participant must notify in writing by e-mail requesting for refunding, including bank details, to [email protected]

For cancellation requests sent after the 7-day period, 50% of the amount paid for registration to the congress will be refunded within 30 days after the end of the event. Requests can only be made until November 22 th , 2021.

In case of postponement of the event due to the situation of public disaster in the country due to the covid-19 pandemic, the amount paid by the participant should be refunded within 18 months after the end of the public disaster situation. The participant will also be able to request the amount paid by credit with the organizing entity, discounting the amounts for financial intermediation and agency services already provided.

Registration substitution

To nominate a substitute for the registration, the withdrawing delegate must notify the substitution in writing by e-mail, informing the new delegate’s name and CPF (or passport number), e-mail address and category. The substitution can only be made by another participant of the same category.

Issuing of New Badge

The badge will be issued at the event’s secretariat upon check-in. We do not take responsibility for the loss of the badge provided upon check-in at the event. Issuing of a new badge will be made upon payment of a new registration.


QE Eventos Especiais
[email protected]

Based on the new (Brazilian) General Data Protection Law, Law No. 13.709/2018:

1 – I am aware that I will be able to receive advertising material about the 5th Brazilian Congress of Underground Tunnels and Structures (5th CBT) at my physical and/or digital address.

2 – I am aware that when accessing booths and lectures, my data provided in this registration may be shared with the respective exhibiting companies and/or speakers.